Rahasya – Natures Secrets

Beautiful, Healthy & Straight hair, naturally!

Glowing, Healthy skin, naturally!

Does the word “naturally” fit in the phrases above?

I’m trying various experiments to find that out. In my search (thanks, Google!) and after speaking with a host of people, there were many “recipes” & “home DIY” ideas given to me.

I’m experimenting, and am thrilled to note down my findings, for 2 reasons..

  1. to document, otherwise I forget &
  2. to share, so that you readers can potentially switch to natural care.

Rahasya – Baby Care

  1. Healthy Pregnancy Diet
  2. Natural Delivery
  3. Baby First Wash
  4. Baby Washable Diapers
  5. Baby Foods
  6. Baby Activities
  7. Baby Safety
  8. Baby care Staff
  9. Baby Photographs
  10. Baby Growing up!

Rahasya – Hair Care

  1. Henna oil 
  2. Henna pack
  3. Hair Straightening cream 
  4. Strengthening Serum

Rahasya – Face & Skin Care

  1. Coffee scrub
  2. Oats cream bath
  3. Legume-Herb wash
  4. Anti-bactrial wash

Rahasya – Natures Healers

Almost all of the following are Anti-bacterial, Anti-carcinogenic and Anti-Oxidants, with a host of vitamin & mineral goodness! They are in Alphabetical Order.

  1. Castor Oil
  2. Cumin

Rahasya – Healing Common Ailments

  1. Common Cold & Cough
  2. Boils & Rashes
  3. Dry Skin
  4. Hair Fall

I’ve compiled a “10 Commandments for a healthy life” listing… hoping that I follow it!

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