Michigan Oven

I spent many many week nights & weekends watching Food Network from my Hotel Room! Being a Financial Projects Consultant for one of the BIG 4 Consulting firms, I spent my weeks at client sites. New York, Stamford, West Chester, Florida, Houston, Phoenix, Cincinnati, San Fransisco, Kansas City, the list is endless.. After 12-14 hour work days, I would dine at popular restaurants & then watch Food Network before I went to sleep.

Inspired by Food Network, Fine-dining restaurants & of course fabulous cooks in my friends & family, I decided to try my hand at cooking! It started as cooking to survive & then ended up being a passion!! Step-by-step & easy to follow recipes hand written by my mom helped me master the fine art of South Indian Cooking; the same from Food Network helped become a seasoned baker. Of course endless conversations with close family in Michigan, New York & Minnesota brought me closer to crafting truly scrumptious meals & desserts.

I usually can’t credit 1 source for any recipe, as I have gained inspiration from various sources to accomplish the task of crafting a recipe & bringing it to the table.

I am now back in India (since 2013), and the passion has reached greater heights! The urge to remember the valuable people & techniques has initiated this page on the blog!

So, here goes..

I love:

  • Nigella Lawson – for the ease in which she crafts & presents desserts
  • Martha Stewart – for introducing me to many of the fabulous chefs & bakers through her TV show
  • Rachel Ray – for teaching me that a balanced meal (soup/salad, pasta, dessert) can be done in 30 minutes, flat
  • Sandra Lee from Sandra’s Semi Homemade – for exposing me to various products from the grocery store that can be bought to create “semi-homemade” food that consumes less time; all food doesn’t need to be made “from scratch”
  • Paula Deen (+Mr. Deen, Jamie & Deen 2) – for bringing the whole family to the kitchen, to craft “soulful comfort food”
  • Ina Garten – for giving me the inspiration to use the “curry” flavor for a Salad (Curried Cous-Cous)
  • Giada De Laurentiis – I didn’t have to wonder why all my colleagues (male especially) loved her show! She made quite a lot of food, but she possibly just had a trial bite of the food & dessert!
  • Isa Chandra – for educating the world about responsible eating! & for inspiring many others to create healthy & yummy vegan fares..
  • Flying Apron – for catering to many with Dairy, Gluten and a host of other allergies
  • Eugenie from Eugenie Kitchen – for the perfect recipes & techniques; and careful / respectful use of ingredients! yes, she’s trained by Le Cordon Bleu, Paris!
  • Samaithu Paar (Cook & See, Parts 1-3) – for enabling people (read: new brides) to cook magical & authentic south indian food all over the world

Burnt Cakes!

Yes, no body likes “Burnt Cakes”. One extra minute in the oven burns / charrs / dries the cake! I am still working on “not burning cakes” but sometimes it happens, especially when my iPhone 4S decides to die on me after I move the batter to the oven.

Some of my baking experiments turn up as Burnt cakes, but i’ve made “friends” with my oven and thats happening less & less.

Love Affair with the Oven. Working with an oven, is like being friends with the person. You have to really understand your friend’s (err The Oven’s) moods & likes! A minute extra in the oven is disaster for the cake & a minute less in the oven spells discomfort in the stomach 😉

Anyway,changing the topic into something stomach-able…

My recipes showcase the love & inspiration from celebrity chefs, authors, friends & family. I’ll share many of the recipes here & in the Burnt Chilly Page.

Yes, I also do have many “Rahasya” (secret) recipes that I can’t reveal 🙂

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